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DTF Textile Tension Meter

DTF Textile Tension Meter

Model:DTF Textile Tension Meter
Application:Mainly used for measurement of cables, fibers and wires....
Product Details
DTF Textile Tension Meter

Product description


DTF Textile Tension Meter is a measuring instrument for thread tension measurement in the textile industry. It can also measure fine metal wires.

Use pulley principle.The guide wheel is a precision bearing with minimal resistance, making the measurement result more accurate.

The parameter specification:

model Measuring range (gw) Minimum scale (gw) Accuracy
DTF-25 25-2-25 1 ±1 scale
DTF-50 50-4-50 2
DTF-75 75-5-75 5
DTF-100 100-10-100 5
DTF-150 150-10-150 5
DTF-250 250-20-250 10

The external dimensions:

Instructions for use: 
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