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HD Digital Push Force Meter

HD Digital Push Force Meter

Model:HD Digital Push Force Meter
Application:Mainly used for measurement of cables, fibers and wires....
Product Details
HD digital push force meter instruction manual
Thanks for purchasing the HF series digital push-pull force gauge:
The push-pull force meter has the advantages of high precision, easy operation, and easy carrying.It has a variety of test modes to facilitate testers to use, and test data can be stored and input to the computer for statistical analysis.Combined with various test benches and fixtures, it can be used for different purposes.The user can also input the gravity acceleration value of the place of use to make the test more accurate.
Functional characteristics:
1, high precision and high resolution
2, five kinds of test patterns, three kinds of display modes are available for choice - Maximize the test efficiency;
3, N (Newton), kg (kilograms), lb (pounds) three kinds of measurement units for selection, mutual conversion;
4. Gravity acceleration setting function - The user can input the exact value of the gravity acceleration of the use place.Make test and unit conversion more accurate;
5, peak hold function.Keep the peak display until manually cleared;
6, automatic peak function, to maintain the peak display automatically after 2 seconds;
7, can set the upper and lower limits and comparative values do statistical analysis.Beep alarm exceeding the comparison value;
8, data storage function, can store 128 test values;
9, data output function, the data can be entered into the computer through the data line to do a variety of analysis;
10, green, 10 minutes no operation automatically shut down;
11, high-quality charging power supply.The charging voltage is available from 100V to 240V, which can be adapted to most regions in China and abroad.There are short circuit, leakage, overload protection;
12, 2 sets of installation size, suitable for most of the testing machines at home and abroad, convenient for users to install on the machine;
13, the unique switch contact breaking force test function, so that the switch-breaking force test is more accurate;
14, 6 large screen display.
The sensor specification table in Table I, push pull force gauge model specification table see Table 2
1, the sensor specification table

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