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AZSH Handheld Digital Tension Meter

AZSH Handheld Digital Tension Meter

Model:AZSH Handheld Digital Tension Meter
Application:Mainly used for measurement of cables, fibers and wires....
Product Details
AZSH Handheld Digital Tension Meter

I. Overview
1.1 Main use and scope of application:
Handheld digital tension meter is a portable electronic digital measuring instrument that can measure the tension of filamentous and linear materials. It is widely used in wire and cable, textile and chemical fiber, metal wire, carbon fiber and other industries. Accurately measure tension and systematically process data.

1.2 Features:
1.2.1The three working modes of real-time, hold, and peak can be switched at will.
1.2.2 cN、Gf、OZ、Kgf、N、LbSix units can be set.
1.2.3 Accuracy isFull scale2.5%。
1.2.4 Accuratemeasuring10The tension of different materials.
1.2.5 bandUSBCommunication function。
1.2.6 With thickness adjustment.
1.2.7 Easy to store,Storable41Group data.

Second, product model specifications:

model AZSH-200 AZSH-500 AZSH-1000 AZSH-2000 AZSH-2500 AZSH-5000 AZSH-10K
Tension range 4~200.0(cN) 10~500.0(cN) 20~1000(cN) 40~2000(cN) 50~2500(cN) 100~5000(cN) 2.00~10.00daN
* Measuring head width (mm) 65 65 65 65 116 116 116
** calibration materials
Textile PA monofilament
Φ0.12mm Φ0.12~0.20mm Φ0.20~0.40mm Φ0.40~0.70mm Φ0.40~0.70mm Φ0.60~1.20mm Φ0.80~1.40mm
Size (mm) 270*118*55
net weight(g) approximately640g
power supply 3.7Vlithium battery*2

*Depending on the model, the width of the lead frame and the distance between the outside of the two guide wheels are also different.
*The company's calibration materials apply to95%Tension measurement.PA=Polyamide monofilament, if the diameter, hardness, shape, etc. of the material to be tested are significantly different from the calibration materials of the company, it is recommended that the customer provide5The metered material is calibrated.
International tension unit:

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