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How to maintain digital push-pull force gauge
2023-11-24 10:40

The digital push-pull force gauge is a small, simple, multi-functional and high-precision push and pull force testing instrument. It is widely used in electronic appliances, building hardware, light industrial textiles, auto parts, fire-fighting equipment, fishing gear, chemical industry, power machinery, and scientific research institutions for push-pull load test, plug-in force test, destructive test, etc..

 handheld force gauge

How to maintain digital push-pull force gauge:

1. Personnel using it for the first time must operate under the guidance of skilled personnel. When using digital force gauge, its input signal or external load should be limited within the specified range, and overload operation is prohibited.

2. Make sure it is used with power on. The battery must be taken out after use to prevent battery leakage from corroding the computer board.

3. During use, hold and place it gently to prevent vibration, and do not touch the display screen with hands. If any dust and dirt, do not wipe them directly with hands, instead use special products or tools to remove them.

4. Some instruments are not suitable for operation in magnetic fields or electric fields. Shielding measures must be taken to prevent damage to the instrument or reduce  in measurement accuracy.

 digital force meter

5. Do not operate this machine in the following environments: ① Humid environment ② Dusty environment ③ Where oil or chemicals are used ④ Where there are vibration sources around.

6. After use, please put the force gauge in the portable case to protect the test rotating shaft from external impact.

7. This instrument has a liquid crystal display and is a high-precision integrated electronic product. Please do not hit or squeeze it.

8. Do not disassemble, repair or modify the unit by yourself, as this may cause permanent failure.

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