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Calibration of handheld belt tension meter
2023-10-20 11:36

The handheld belt tension meter is mainly used for automotive belt tension measurement, and can also be used to measure and adjust the tension data of strip-shaped, filament-shaped, linear, mesh-shaped and wide-width objects. It is suitable for automobile, textile and chemical fiber, wire and cable, metal wire, plastic film, paper, printing, film and other industries.

 wire tenstion meter

Calibration method of handheld belt tension meter

1. Calibration function

If the calibration function of the tension meter is available and the diameter of the material measured by the customer is different or significantly different from the calibrated diameter of the tension meter during model selection, the customer can calibrate it with his own measured material through the open mode of calibration function.

2. 2-point calibration

When the tension meter is not subjected to any tension, adjust the reading to 0 point, and then use a weight equivalent to 80% of the tension measurement range or a weight slightly larger than the material tension and suspend it below the material to be measured, and then hang the other end of the material being tested. At this time, the tension on the material being tested is the weight of the weight, and then just adjust the tension value of the tension meter to the weight of the weight.

 manual tension meter

During the measurement and adjustment of portable belt tensiometer, the belt tension is displayed on the instrument in real time. At the same time, indicator lights and different sounds will indicate whether the tension is within or outside the set value, which provides convenience for users to adjust the belt tension.