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Common faults and solutions of digital push-pull force gauge
2023-09-21 16:08

The digital force gauge is simple to operate, easy to carry, and the test results are highly accurate. It can be used to test some electronic products, and for the textile industry, construction industry, and test of some ignition equipment and fire-fighting equipment.

portable force gauge 

In use, it is easy to malfunction if not handled properly. The following are solutions to common faults of digital push-pull force gauge.

1. The digital push-pull force meter crashes unexpectedly and does not respond when pressing any keys.

Solution: Shortly short-circuit pins 6 and 9 of the data interface with wires, then turn the instrument back on or press the "reset" switch on the side of the instrument, shut it down and turn it on again.

2. There is no display when pressing the "Power On" button.

Solution: This is most likely because the battery is out of power and needs to be recharged (the indicator light on the charger will light up).

3. Automatically shuts down after powering on or during use (shuts down without setting the automatic shutdown time) and cannot be charged (the indicator light on the charger does not light up)

Solution: Replace the charger.

4. The test value of the push-pull force meter is inaccurate and the test value error is too large

Solution: Send it to the measurement department for calibration.

force meter gauge 

5. The force gauge parameter setting is confusing or incorrect.

Solution: Press and hold the "Settings" button for more than 4 seconds. When you hear a beep, it will automatically shut down and then restart.

6. The digital push-pull force gauge beeps or displays a larger value when it is turned on.

Solution: First make sure that there is no external force and long press the "Settings" button for more than 4 seconds to restore it to the factory settings. If it still cannot be restored to normal, please contact the relevant manufacturer.

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