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Torque Meter Selection Skills
2023-08-23 14:36

The torque meter is an intelligent multifunctional measuring instrument designed and manufactured for testing and detecting various torques. It is mainly used to detect and correct the torque of various electric pneumatic screwdrivers, torque drivers, and torque wrenches, as well as for tightening force tests involved in various products, and parts torsional destructive tests,etc.

torque meter price 

How to choose a torque tester:

1. Material

Select a suitable digital torque meter according to the materials you need to process. Since there are many types, the parameter specifications need to be determined according to the actual demand parameters. There are certain requirements for the thickness of the processed materials, etc., and it is better to consult the manufacturer before purchasing.

2. Configuration

The configuration of the digital torque tester is rich and varied, and can also be customized, such as matching with LCD liquid crystal display screen and PVC operation panel, providing dual test modes of opening force and locking force, free setting of three display modes, etc.

3. Strength of manufacturer

Before confirming the purchase, it is necessary to know the manufacturer and its corresponding training service and after-sales service in advance, so as to avoid equipment failure that cannot be repaired in a timely manner, thereby affecting production efficiency and causing losses.

bottle lid torque meter 

Lab torque meter is a kind of quality control equipment, which can be used for the calibration of torque sensor, and the test of the transmission torque of the power system, the tightening torque of bolts and other fasteners, generally including torque wrench, screwdriver, pulse tool, etc.