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How to use textile tension meter properly
2023-07-21 11:10

The textile tension meter is an instrument used to measure properties such as tension and elongation of yarns, which is simple and easy to use. It can provide reliable data basis for subsequent quality control of textiles by testing different types and specifications of yarns.

 textile tension meter dtf

Precautions for use of yarn tension meter:

1. During the destructive test, a protective mask and gloves should be worn to prevent the splash material generated during the test from hurting the human body.

2. Do not use damaged or severely bent fixtures.

3. Do not use the digital textile tension meter beyond the minimum range. Otherwise, the sensor may be damaged or even an accident may occur.

4. When the test value exceeds the range, the buzzer will keep beeping. At this time, please quickly remove the added load, or reduce the load.

5. When using the power adapter to supply power, do not use a power supply other than the rated voltage, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

6. Do not pull the power cord of the power adapter to pull out the plug, so as to avoid electric shock due to the wire being torn off.

7. Please use a soft cloth to clean the instrument. Soak a cloth in water with detergent and wring it out to remove dust and grime. Be careful not to use volatile chemicals for cleaning.

 lab tenstion meter

8. Do not use the digital textile tension meter in a place with humidity, dust, oil or chemicals, or a place with vibration sources around it.

9. After use, please put the tensiometer in the accompanying carrying case to protect the test rotor shaft from external impact.

10. Do not assemble, repair or modify the machine by yourself, which may cause permanent failure of the tensiometer.

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