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How to prolong service life of push-pull force gauge
2023-03-22 09:50

The push-pull force gauge is a kind of instrument often used in some industrial places and has a wide range of applications. In the use of the push-pull gauge, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of some details in order to ensure the normal service life of the gauge.

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1. Instrument cleaning

Always keep the pull-push dynamometer clean to prevent water, dust, corrosive gas, etc. from intruding into the machine, so as not to affect the normal use of the instrument.

2. Clean the casing

When the outer surface of the case is stained with dirt or dust, please wipe it with a wrung wet cloth. Do not use liquid or spray to clean the instrument, so as not to corrode the outer surface of the case or flow into the machine to corrode the mechanical parts.

3. Shockproof

The instrument should be put in a stable place to avoid damage caused by collision, scratch or drop.

4. Environmental testing

Please use it in a limited ambient temperature and relative humidity, and there should be no vibration or other interference sources that affect the test results. Otherwise, the test result may not meet the required accuracy level or the instrument may malfunction.

5. Instrument storage

The push pull force gauge packed in a box should be stored in a ventilated, dry place without corrosive gas. The stacking height should not exceed ten floors. The warehouse temperature should be -20℃~+50℃, and the relative humidity should not exceed 90%.

6. Transportation

The push pull dynamometer packed in a box can be transported by any means of transportation under the condition of preventing the direct impact of rain, snow, violent impact, etc..

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The push and pull force gauge meter is a mechanical measuring instrument used for thrust and pull tests, and is suitable for push-pull load test in industries such as electronic appliances, light industry textiles, construction hardware, fire-fighting equipment, pen-making, lock-making, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions, etc..

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