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Functional features of elevator rope tension meter
2023-02-24 15:54

The elevator rope tension meter is mainly used in the tension test of the elevator traction wire rope. In the elevator installation inspection and annual inspection, through the test and adjustment of the tension of each traction line, try to make the tension consistent, prolong the life of the traction wheel, and make the elevator line run more smoothly.

 wire rope tension meter

Features of elevator rope tension tester:

1. High precision and high resolution, 6-digit large screen display;

2. Three display modes to improve test efficiency;

3. Three measurement units: n (Newton), kg (kilogram), lb (pound);

4. Peak hold function, keep the peak display until manually removed;

5. Auto-peak function that automatically releases after displaying the peak value for 3 seconds;

7. Upper and lower limits and comparative values can be set for statistical analysis;

8. Data storage function of test value;

9. The data output function can input the data into the computer through the data cable for various analysis;

10. Environmental protection, it will automatically shut down if not operated for 50 minutes;

11. High-quality charging power supply. The charging voltage can be used from 100V to 240V, and it also has a short-circuit leakage overload protection function.

 high speed rail tension meter

The portable elevator rope tension meter can also be used in the test of cable tension such as bridge ropes, tower wiring, overhead conductors, and index wire ropes.