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Precautions for use of push-pull force gauge
2023-01-17 13:50

The push-pull force gauge is a commonly used instrument in the laboratory. From the function, it can be divided into push-pull force gauge, tensiometer, special tensile test stand, special tensile test machine, tensile testing machine, special tensile tester, etc. From the display mode, it can be divided into pointer push-pull force gauge and digital  push-pull force gauge.

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Precautions for the use of digital push-pull force gauge:

1. Do not carry out overload test. Please test the torque within the test range of the digital panel push tension gauge.

2. Please don't knock on the LCD monitor, or put things on the LCD monitor.

3. Do not use fingernails, knives, or sharp objects to press the function keys.

4. Do not open the small cover on the back, or adjust the internal trimming resistor.

5. Do not loosen the fixing screw of the tension meter test head.

6. Please fully insert the AC power adapter into the socket before use. A loose plug can short out, resulting in electric shock and fire.

7. Do not use a power supply other than the rated voltage of the power adapter.

8. Do not pull out or insert the plug with wet hands. Failure to do so may result in electric shock.

9. Please clean the machine with a soft cloth, soak the dry cloth in water with detergent, and wring it out to remove dust and dirt. Do not use volatile oils, thinners, alcohol and other easily dispersible chemicals.

10. Please handle it gently during use and moving.

11. Do not disassemble, repair or modify the push-pull force meter by yourself, so as not to cause equipment failure.

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The push-pull force meter is a mechanical measuring instrument used for thrust and tension testing. It is applicable to the push-pull load test of electronic appliances, light industry and textile, building hardware, pen making, lock making, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions and other industries.

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