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Tips for using spring tension and compression tester
2022-12-21 10:55

The spring tension and compression tester is an instrument for testing the deformation and load relationship characteristics of the tensile and compression springs of the sample. It is suitable for industrial and mining, machinery, automobile, transportation, aerospace and other industries. In use, the test operation steps of the spring tension and compression testing machine should be strictly followed.

 spring load tester

Tips for the use of digital spring tester:

1. The displacement sensor is a precise optical, mechanical and electrical measuring device, please do not disassemble or impact it at will.

2. When the testing machine has abnormal sound during operation, please stop immediately and check the lubricating part.

3. After use, the testing machine should be covered with machine clothes to prevent dust from falling into it.

4. In order to protect personal safety, the spring tension and compression testing machine must be properly grounded.

5. The error check of the display value of the testing machine under normal use conditions is valid for one year.

6. When the spring testing machine is in use, especially when it is unloading, do not let go of it suddenly, so as to avoid severe vibration and affect the accuracy.

7. Regularly inject lubricating oil into the lifting frame of the testing machine and each pressure injection oil cup.

 spring compression tester

The spring tester can conduct precision tests and analysis on the tension, compression, displacement, stiffness, etc. of cylindrical springs, disc springs, tower springs, retaining springs, leaf springs, special-shaped springs. It is mainly used in spring manufacturing factories, low-voltage electrical appliances factories, power machinery factories, colleges and universities and research institutes.

spring tester lab

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