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Electric-Horizontal-Hydraulic Tester

Electric-Horizontal-Hydraulic Tester

Model:Electric-Horizontal-Hydraulic Tester
Application:Testing machine dedicated to spring tension and compression...
Product Details

Electric-Horizontal-Hydraulic Tester


50 Tons of electric hydraulic tester with the box frame structure,high quality carbon structural steel,

single rod double acting piston cylinder loading,a pin shaft type link specimen,force measuring load sensors,

high resolution data diaplay instrument.The machine is mainly suitable for steel wire rope,cable.hook,

chain etc of tensile strength test of flexible parts. 

Technical Parameters:

1:Maximum Test Load 500K

2:Test Accuracy: ±1%

3:Measurement Space 3093 mm

4:Transverse Measure Space 500 mm

5:Hydraulic Station Size 1000*800*1100 mm

6:Piston Stroke 1000mm

7:TestSpeed:Not less than 100mm/min

8:Force Measuring Method:Force Measuring Load Sensor

9:Overall Dimension:About(L,W,H): 5785×856×882mm

10:The Whole Weight Of About 800KG

11:Equipped With High Presicion Digital Force Gauge HF-50T

12:Peak Load 50T

13:Indicating Error ±1% Scientific Testing Range 10-100%Fs

14:N(Newton),Kg(Kg),Lb(Pounds)three measuring units to choose from, each conversion.

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