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Composition of hydraulic universal testing machine
2023-05-19 11:12

The hydraulic universal testing machine is one of the indispensable experimental instruments in the material mechanics testing equipment. When using the hydraulic universal testing machine, we should fully know its structural principle. Then, what are the main components of the hydraulic universal testing machine?

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Components of electronic hydraulic universal testing machine:

1. Host part

The hydraulic universal testing machine is a large-tonnage experimental instrument, which is powered by hydraulic oil. The host is composed of base, hydraulic cylinder, worktable, sensor, column, sample clamping system, moving beam, and test aids.

2. Measurement part

The measuring part belongs to electrical components, which are all installed on the host, mainly composed of force sensor, electronic extensometer, and rope sensor. Their functions are to measure the test force of the material and the displacement and deformation of the material when it is stretched.

3. Power drive part

The power drive part is a key component that provides oil pressure for the host, and is mainly composed of high-pressure gear pump, electro-hydraulic servo valve, high-pressure oil filter, liquid level gauge, oil tank, regulating valve, valve block, etc.

4. Electrical parts

The electrical part is installed on the right side of the hydraulic pump station. The main components include switch buttons, leakage protectors, AC contactors, relays, etc., and their functions are to control the host and beam movement, host switches, and limit protection mechanisms.

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5. Test data collection

The data acquisition and control part of automatic hydraulic universal testing machine is the core brain of the machine. Its main functions are display, acquisition, calculation, and processing. It can automatically obtain the test force, tensile strength, elongation, etc. of various materials, and the test results are clear at a glance.

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