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Tips for the use of belt tension meter
2022-09-20 11:41

Belt tension meter is mainly used for automobile belt tension measurement, and can be used for the tension data detection and adjustment of belt, filament, wire, mesh and wide objects. It is suitable for automobile, textile chemical fiber, wire and cable, metal wire, plastic film, paper, printing, film and other industries.


Tips for the use of digital belt tension meter:

1. The calibration of the belt tension meter must be calibrated according to the standard method, otherwise it will cause the measurement error. And the belt tension meter should be calibrated regularly.

2. If the belt tension meter will not be used for a long time, it is better to remove the battery to prevent damage to the instrument caused by battery rot and leakage.

3. The belt tension meters of different measuring heads will be different with the rotation of the engine, which is due to the different internal loads generated on the crankshaft during rotation.

4. Remember to remove the measuring head before rotating the shaft. For long-time measurement, it is better to calibrate the instrument every 10 minutes.

5. When measuring the belt tension, the moving belt should not be too loose. If it is too loose, the measuring data will generally not be got.

portable tension meter 

Handheld belt tension tester is a tool for measuring belt tension. Various belts in different industries can be measured. According to the way of use, it is divided into contact measurement and non-contact measurement.

digital tension tester

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