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Instrument Inspection and Calibration of Tension Meter
2021-03-19 15:32
The tension meter is familiar to many people because it is not only used in industrial production, but also a very common force measurement machine in daily life. Therefore, many people know the tension meter very well. It is suitable for electronic and electrical, light industrial textiles, engineering and construction hardware, lighters and ignition systems, fire-fighting equipment, brushes, locks, fishing tackle, transmission equipment, scientific research institutes and other fields.
Usually,the tension meter must be inspected before use. The timely instrument calibration, correction, and testing are carried out on the tension meter, mainly to better ensure that deviations and common malfunctions are not prone to occur during use. For high-precision machinery and equipment such as tension meters and force gauges, there will be certain differences between the previous use and the next day's use. In some cases, if the related inspection and maintenance has not been done before, many problems will occur during the application the next day, which will inevitably delay the task of testing.Therefore, it is quite necessary to check the tension meter first before use.
The main items of the inspection includes whether the sensor cable is well connected, and whether the information displayed on the instrument panel is normal under the condition of weighing. Start the tension meter first, and then take a closer look at the internal data information display, at the same time, check other components to see if they can be used normally. If everything is normal, then it indicates that this electronic device tension meter can be used normally, but on the contrary, there must be a problem. Once a problem with the tension meter is found, it must be sent to a technical professional unit for instrument calibration, testing and maintenance. Do not use a tension meter with problems for testing, otherwise, the data and information obtained by the test is undoubtedly inaccurate, and it will also affect the following test tasks.
The tension meter is a small and medium-sized simple torsion and tensile test equipment, which has the advantages of high precision, easy practical operation and convenient use.