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ATL Digital Tension Meter

ATL Digital Tension Meter

Model:ATL Digital Tension Meter
Application:Mainly used for measurement of cables, fibers and wires....
Product Details
ATL Digital Tension Meter

Product description:
Digital tension meter instruction manual

1.1 Main uses and application scope:
The digital tension meter is a general-purpose portable low-power tension tester. It has features such as small size, light weight, easy to carry, wide range of use, high precision, etc. It is suitable for contact pressure of relays, electronic switches, contacts of miniature automatic telephone equipments.And armature pressure and other mechanical pressures,
1.2 Product Features:
1.2.1 Portable: The instrument is light in weight, small in size and easy to carry. It can perform all operations with one hand during measurement.
1.2.2 The digital display shows the force value. The instrument uses the LCD display to measure the force and the reading is more convenient.
1.2.3 Multi-unit switching: The instrument can switch 5 units of N, Kg, Lb, Oz, and g.
1.2.4 You can set no-operation automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown when low power.
1.2.5 Ultra-low standby power consumption, long use time.


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