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AZGH High-speed Rail Tension Meter

AZGH High-speed Rail Tension Meter

Model:AZGH High-speed rail tension meter
Application:Mainly used for measurement of cables, fibers and wires....
Product Details
AZGH High-speed rail tension meter

The AZGH series cable tension meter is an on-line measurement of wire and cable, fiber and rope
tension equipment, suitable for high-speed rail industry, power industry, communications industry,
transportation industry, construction industry, playground, etc. involving wire rope tension
measurement When used. Also applies to the major scientific research institutions, testing
organizations and other occasions.

1. On-line measurement: When measuring rope, the rope does not need to be disassembled, can
be measured on-line tension cable, real-time loading rope tension, can be observed online real-time
2. portable: the instrument uses high-strength aluminum alloy structure, light weight, small size,
easy to carry, measuring rope tension, one person can complete all operations.
3. easy to operate: the instrument loading mechanism with a lever structure, only need to push
the instrument handle in the end can correctly measure the rope tension; easy to operate, a person
in 30 seconds to complete a measurement.
4.instrument performance is stable, high precision, when the measured rope specifications and
the wattage stored in the same number of rope, in the range can be measured within the
measurement accuracy of up to 5%.
5.Instrument built-in three kinds of preset specifications of the rope, the measurement only
need to select the appropriate rope number can be. display force value, the instrument uses LCD display measurement force value, reading
more convenient.
7.Three units of switching: the instrument can switch N, Kgf and Lbf three force values.
8.The instrument can store 383 sets of measurement data, and the saved data can be exported from the computer.
AZGH-A-5000G rope tension meter specifications are as follows:

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