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Selection and Purchase of Torsion Spring Tester
2021-02-18 17:10
The main body of the torsion spring tester is a vertical structure, composed of upper and lower copper plates, which provide rigid performance for the whole machine. It has fully digital control system drive, photoelectric coding sample torsion angle, and high-precision output symmetrical torque sensor. The torsion angle of the sample can be set to detect the torque of the sample at multiple points, and generally, it can be twisted until the sample breaks to determine the various torsional mechanical properties of the material.
The torsion spring tester is one kind of torsion testing machine. It is mainly suitable for the detection of the torsion angle and torsion moment of volute springs, elastic elements, torsion springs and friction mechanisms, and also for the test of torsion resistance of parts and components by adding corresponding accessories. It is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, scientific research institutes, quality inspection units, commodity inspection and arbitration, universities and colleges.
According to its functionality, the torsion spring tester can be divided into three types: manual, fully automatic and computer controlled. So how to choose a suitable torsion spring tester ?
There are many types of torsion spring testers. To buy a suitable torsion spring tester, the main comparison is the product quality and accuracy. Only when the product quality and accuracy meet the standards can a good product be detected. Everyone tends to have a certain degree of preference for some testing instrument brands, and they think that the products with the brand are guaranteed in the market and of good quality. But everyone also needs to understand that brand is not equal to quality. When buying a torsion spring tester, we should not only pay attention to the brand, but also consider other  aspects.
About testing instruments, we can not only focus on the purchase price of a single machine, but also the cost of subsequent machine maintenance and performance improvement. If the quality is stable, the maintenance cost will be much less. If the manufacturer can provide new technology upgrades, it can also save a lot of machine upgrades and technology upgrade costs. Price comparison should be made on the basis of consistent quality configuration requirements in all aspects.