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Daily Maintenance of Torque Wrench Tester
2020-11-17 14:49
Torque tester, also known as torque testing instrument, torque meter. It is a precision instrument used to detect and test and calibrate various torques. It is used to measure and calibrate the torque and torsion setting conditions of various electric batches, wind batches, torque batches, and torque wrenches. It is suitable for various torque measurement of products such as shafts, bearings, and bottle caps, equipped with special fixtures and clamps.
The torque wrench tester is a special equipment for verifying torque wrenches and torque drivers. It is mainly used to test various fixed-force torque wrenches, digital display torque wrenches, preset torque wrenches, and other instruments and products. It is widely used in electrical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automotive light industry and professional scientific research and testing industries.
Many users do not know how to maintain the torque wrench tester during daily use, which leads to damage to it during use. Therefore, we should pay more attention to its maintenance when using it.
Daily maintenance methods of torque wrench tester:
1. Please use the matching power adapter to charge, otherwise it will cause circuit failure or even fire.
2. Please use a soft cloth to clean the machine, soak the dry cloth in water with detergent, wring it out, and then remove the dust and dirt with it. Do not use easily dispersible chemicals, such as volatile oil, thinner, alcohol, etc.
3. Handle with care during use and transportation.
4. Do not disassemble, repair or modify this machine by yourself. These actions may cause permanent failure of the instrument.
5. Do not use power sources other than the rated voltage of the power adapter, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.
6. Do not press function keys with nails or sharp objects.
7. Do not use the torque tester where water, oil or other liquids are splashed. Store the torque tester in a cool, dry and vibration-free place.
8. If a malfunction occurs, please ask a professional to deal with it.
The above is the daily maintenance methods of the torque wrench tester. Daily maintenance can extend the life of the torque wrench tester and reduce the maintenance cost.

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