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Force Gauge Type
2020-10-22 10:40
Force Gauge is divided into two dials, Force Gauge and digital display Force Gauge. The digital display Force Gauge style can also be divided into (split digital display Force Gauge, integrated digital display Force Gauge, handheld digital display Force Gauge, spoke digital display Force Gauge, flange type digital display Force Gauge, remote type digital display Force Gauge. Built-in digital display Force Gauge, S-type digital display Force Gauge, external digital display Force Gauge) Dial Force Gauge style can be divided into (dial type Force Gauge , Pointer Force Gauge, Pointer Force Gauge,) .

Dial Force Gauge technical parameters:
1. The accuracy level of the tension meter is 2.0
2. The measuring range of the tension meter is 0--300KN.
3. The sensitivity of the tension gauge is less than or equal to 0.5% of the full scale load
4. The overload capacity of the tension gauge is that the allowable load exceeds the maximum measured value by 50%
Force Gauge product features:
1. 2.8 inch TFT true color display;
2. USB data interface, support hot swap;
3. The external sensor is equipped with various sensors to adapt to force detection in various occasions.
4. The Chinese and English version interface can be switched at will
5. High sampling rate, 6HZ-1600HZ arbitrarily set, can be used for impact test.
6. Built-in real-time clock, able to display time and date;
7. The peak value, real-time value, and test process curve are displayed on the same screen, which can monitor and trace the entire test process;
8. The above three units N, kg, lb are automatically converted, and units such as g, t, kN can also be customized;
9. 100 sets of test reports can be saved permanently, the test report content includes test time, peak value, valley value, average value, etc., and 1 set of curves can be saved to trace the whole process of testing;
10. The test process can trigger the capture curve at an external fixed point;
The dial Force Gauge is a hand-held product with small size and simple operation. It can be installed with various test benches and used with various fixtures to facilitate various product tests.
a Pointer indicates that the reading is convenient and accurate, and the test accuracy is high.
b Reliable and exquisite packaging makes the Force Gauge easy to transport, store and maintain.
c Easy to use, free switching between peak holding and real-time load indication.
d The two units are displayed at the same time, no unit conversion is required, which adapts to various corporate usage habits.

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