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Electrophoresis Cell Expansion / contraction

DYCP-31BN Electrophoresis Cell

Gel plate dimension:60*60mm

Comb thickness:1.0mm and 1.5mm

Buffer volume:120ml


DYCZ-21 Electrophoresis Cell

Gel dimension:170*170*1mm,170*170*1.5mm

Comb thickness:1mm,1.5mm

The inner diameter of glass tube:1.0mm,2.0mm

The length of glass tube:170mm

DYCZ-20B Electrophoresis Cell

Gel dimension:480*170mm

Comb thickness:0.4mm

Buffer volume:750ml


DYCZ-20A Electrophoresis Cell

Gel dimension:580*170mm

Comb thickness:0.4mm

Buffer volume:850ml


DYCZ-24DN Electrophoresis Cell

Gel dimension:83*75mm

Runs up to 10 or 15 samples

Comb thickness :1.0 and 1.5 mm standard

Buffer volume:about 400ml

DYCP-32A Electrophoresis cell/Agarose gel horizonta

Gel Dimension:160*100mm,80*100mm

Comb thickness:1.0mm and 2.0mm

Buffer volume: 650ml


DYCP-31DN Electrophoresis Cell/Nucleic Acid Sequenc

Gel dimension:60*60mm,120*60mm,60*120mm,120*120mm

Comb thickness:1.0mm,1.5mm and 2.0mm

Buffer volume:650ml


DYCZ-27B Tube gel electrophoresis system


Gel dimension:φ5mm X 90mm, φ5mm X 170mm

Buffer volume:1000ml

Weight:2 kg

DYCZ-40D Electrophoresis Cell

Transfer dimension:95*87mm

Buffer volume:about 400-450ml



DNA Sequencing Analysis Vertical Electrophoresis Ce

Gel dimension:580*170mm

Runs up to 26 samples (Great Wall teeth comb) or 32 samples (shark teeth comb)

Comb thickness :0.4 mm

Buffer volume:850ml

DYCZ-24EN Electrophoresis Cell

Gel dimension:130*100mm

Runs up to 12 or 16 samples

Comb thickness: 1.0mm and 1.5mm

Buffer volume:about 1200ml

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